Friday, June 28, 2013

Weird Picture Round-Up

I'm bad about taking pictures or screen shots of things I think are funny or weird and then they just live on my phone or on my computer and I never do anything with them. Sometimes I share them on Facebook or Twitter, but mostly they just sit around, gathering Internet dust. I thought I'd shake off the mothballs and see if there are any treasures.

A couple weeks ago, I took the kids to CVS and naturally, the Boy and the Baby decided that they needed to use the bathroom. There were several Successory-type posters in the hallway outside the bathroom, but I liked this one the best:

And that someone will be a vampire...
Why else would he have a blue hand?
Barbie, The Baby Doctor

The Baby's new book, Barbie, I Can Be...A Baby Doctor really deserves a post to itself, but there's not quite enough content. As you may have guessed from the title, Barbie decides she wants to learn all about being an obstetrician, beg your pardon, baby doctor, and traipses off to the hospital to learn the ropes. I really do mean traipse, because check out her practical footwear:

Kudos to Nurse Kay (in the lavender) for at least wearing a wedge.
Doctor Green (in lab coat) went to medical school where she learned the importance
of wearing ballet flats on rounds. 
 In case you, like Barbie, were wondering what being a baby doctor is all about, it involves holding babies, changing diapers, feeding babies, and entertaining babies. At the end of her visit to the hospital, I feel like Barbie might be prepared to be a babysitter, or to work at a day care center, but she's no more prepared to be a doctor than I am. Actually, I might be more prepared because I know better than to line a bunch of newborns on the hospital floor behind a desk and entertain them with a disco star attached to a traffic cone.

This is the state of our hospitals thanks to healthcare reform.
I realize that this is a early reading book for little kids, so detailing childbirth might not be the way to go, but I wish that there was some element of realism in the pictures or narrative. The babies all have full heads of hair and are dressed like little dolls in their colorful outfits. While I was mostly insane from lack of sleep and giving birth, my recollection is that my babies were dressed in Piedmont Hospital onesies and stocking cap fashioned out of a bandage and a rubber band.

Yep on the hat. I'll admit that two out of three were pretty hairy, though. 
Also, this:

What kind of help does this doctor need from the nurse and the volunteer in the tight scrubs and high heels? Watch out, Barbie, it's a slippery slope from where you are right now, to here:


Maybe the Baby would stop moaning about going to the Boy's baseball games if she got to see this at one of them. 

I am fascinated by the various and sundry places you can find Hello Kitty. 



Inside of this girl's lower lip:

I am so thankful to the Japanese for sushi and this weirdness. Domo arigato, Japan!

If you are friends with me on Facebook, then you've already seen this picture (photo credit: the Girl) taken at one of this summer's many baseball tournaments:

Why yes, that is a contorted baby doll on the roof of the concession stand. Why? Anybody's guess!

On my way to another baseball tournament, I was lucky enough to be behind Matlock, only he spelled his name wrong on the license plate:

Ordinarily, I wouldn't think it was the actual Matlock from the television show, but I'm pretty sure that Andy Griffin as Ben Matlock would drive this exact car.

To give you a break from all the baseball stuff, here is a picture I took of a poster for a soccer camp: 

So, do they mean "aspire" to be the best?
Would you consider this a spelling mistake or a vocabulary mistake? Maybe I shouldn't jump to the conclusion that it's a mistake at all. Maybe the camp wants to inspire kids to be the best and just phrased it awkwardly? So many questions that I may have to sign someone up for the camp just to find out the answers.

Targeted Advertising

Remember how I spy on my neighbors? Somehow whomever places the sponsored ads on Facebook knows about my nosy tendencies and thought I might like to delve a little deeper into the private lives of my acquaintances:

I would be honestly surprised if Zoe Deschanel was arrested in Decatur.
Reece Witherspoon, not so much.

Boy Scouts

For about five minutes in the fall, the Boy was a cub scout until we realized that even we couldn't be that over-extended. I snapped this picture at the Scouting building where we bought his uniform (worn to three meetings and twice when he dressed up as Meriwether Lewis for a school report). Given the Boy Scouts of America's stance at the time, I thought that the BSA made an interesting choice for their General Contractor:

While I'm unplugged in Vacationland and possibly unable to post, you can keep up with what I'm doing on Instagram as susiekhayat and on Twitter @susannahOWTL. Warning: there are bound to be lots of pictures of us eating ice cream, playing Scrabble, and watching it rain, because:

In an attempt at optimism, I guess that at least it's not 1000 degrees like it is in Atlanta.

Also, I'm not sure whether any of you use Google Reader, but it going away as of July 1, so if you follow your blogs via Reader, you'll want to find an alternative. I just signed up for Bloglovin to organize my blog subscriptions and it seems to work well. I also downloaded the app on my iPhone. Hey, once in a while I have some useful information here!

Have a great weekend!

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