Thursday, July 11, 2013

Good News, Bad News

Good News: The Maine heat wave finally broke on Monday.

Bad News: It has been rainy and chilly since then.

Good News: The Girl has finally gotten used to sleeping in the rental cottage and no longer thinks that it's a haunted death-trap.

Bad News: Her fears vanished about the same time that she sprained her finger during some vigorous goalie practice. Someone *cough, cough the K cough* needs to save the power kicks for his pick-up games with Hope Solo.

Bad News: Her injured finger is the middle one, so she has flipped off me, the K, Sister, Dad, the X-Ray technician at Pen-Bay Medical Center, several nurses, and a cashier at the grocery store showing off the injury.

Good News: It's not broken.

Good News: We had a great time at the Owls Head Transportation Museum on Monday.

Bad News: We didn't get to fly any real planes:

or drive any real cars:

Good News: We got to try out these crazy bicycle/car/flying machine contraptions.

Lobster trap car.

The saying is, "A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle." So, if
the fish is the bicycle, does this mean that the woman is a man or that
the woman is really Dustin Hoffman? Get back to me.

The Baby kicked that old lady in the green coat
off this winged trike so that she could use it.
I know! She looks so sweet!

Bad News: They were bolted to the grounds, so the kids couldn't rid them out onto the runway at Owls Head Airport. 

Good News: WWI is over.

Bad News: We look so good in our open cockpit aviation gear:

I'll get you, Red Baron! Oh, sorry, my glasses
are upside down.

Good News: Despite some light rain, we were still able to climb Mount Battie, our favorite hike in the Camden Hills.

Note splinted fingers.
Happy hiker.

Bad News: The weather was so foggy that the amazing view was obscured by the mist:

Good News: We ate a delicious picnic lunch at the public landing in Camden and fed our left-overs to the ducks.

Bad News: It turns out ducks aren't crazy about soggy potato chips and pita bread with traces of hummus:

Ducks being surprisingly picky for waterfowl who survive
on handouts from tourists.
Good News: We made our annual pilgrimage to see the statue of Andre the seal in Rockport Harbor:



2010 (clearly the least cooperative year)
Bad News: Andre was played by a sea lion and dressed like the dead guy in Weekend at Bernie's in the 1994 movie "based" on his life:

Tina Majorino was much better in Big Love.
Good News: We still have one more day in Maine.

Bad News: This is how we'll be getting back to Atlanta:

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