Friday, October 3, 2014

Update: Atlanta Botanical Garden is Getting a New Restaurant!

Well, apparently I am more influential than I thought because right after I published my scathing review of my e-coli salad from the Atlanta Botanical Garden, I read in the AJC (well, Mom read it and dropped off the article) that the ABG is expanding and the plans include "a two-story restaurant, with a dramatic view of Midtown Atlanta" and salads that aren't black and slimy. It's true! The restaurant "will use many locally sourced foods, including produce from the botanical garden's own edible plants exhibit." Yes! There are also plans to redesign the children's garden, which was last renovated in 2002.

The ABG has undertaken a new capital campaign to raise the $40 million needed for these improvements and is already more than half way to the goal. Anne Cox Chambers, a trustee and longtime supporter of the ABG has pledged $9.6 million. Can you imagine having that much money? Good for her for spending it on something that the community will enjoy instead of a wedding or 225 Hermes Birkins painted with naked demons:


That reminds me that I was looking at People StyleWatch magazine when I was getting my hair cut. I'm pretty sure this magazine only exists at hair salons and it's weird because it features actresses who are more famous for their style than their acting (i.e., Sophia Bush, Jessica Alba, Julianne Hough). Anyway, there was this picture of Shailene Woodley wearing glitter pants to a movie premiere:


That's her on the left and the elements of the outfit are broken down courtesy of Seventeen Magazine so that a high school sophomore from Indiana can wear this look to one of her red carpet events. I wish I could remember the exact price of Shailene's (I'm resisting the urge to type "Saline's") glitter pants, but I want to say they were just under $2000. If I invent a time machine, travel back in time, and steal the idea for diet booze for ladies from Bethenny Frankel and get obscenely wealthy, I will still never be able to justify wearing $2000 glitter pants. (Hmmm, maybe just inventing a time machine would be lucrative enough and then Bethenny and I can both be wealthy and hang out while drinking diet margaritas and wearing our daughters' pajamas. Of course, Bethenny might make us use the time machine so that she never Instagrammed the picture of her wearing her four-year-old daughter's pjs. It's just like "Give a Mouse a Cookie," only with time machines, diet booze, and size 4T Hello Kitty jammies.)

It also seems funny that Shailene Woodley in particular would be wearing these pants because she makes her own toothpaste, gathers mountain stream water, and is her own apothecary. But, I suppose that if you are making toothpaste out of clay and essential oils instead of buying Tom's of Maine, you are just the right mix of quirky to wear an outfit that's librarian on top and Menudo on the bottom. 

This may be child abuse.
Of course, Shailene probably didn't pay for her pants because if you're rich everyone gives you stuff for free and if you're a regular you pay for everything. And if you're a sucker (like me) you pay for an expensive, inedible wilted salad and end up eating a banana.

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