Monday, October 22, 2012

Our Day of Rest

So, instead of taking off Sunday to rest, reflect, and get ready for the week, we wore ourselves out with running, a fall festival, more soccer, and baseball.  The Girl has been participating in Girls on the Run this fall at her school and she loves it.  In case you're not familiar, it's a program where volunteers coach 3rd through 5th grade girls to run a 5K.  They do team-building activities and exercises to develop self-esteem and cooperation.  It has been a fantastic experience for the Girl and all of her GOTR friends.

The 5K race that they're training for is in November and all the girls need a running buddy.  Because the K has an injured toe, that leaves me as de facto running buddy.  Now, I am not a runner.  I run on occasion, but I do not consider myself a runner because there is little I actually enjoy about running.  I like being finished, but that's about it.  With this in mind, I decided that the Girl and I should do a training run on Sunday morning.  Of course no one puts Baby in a corner, or prevents her from running a 5K, so the Baby came along on the run, too.

The K and the boy manned the water station:

We walked and ran over 3 miles!  The Baby, too!  It took nearly an hour (I know) and there were some stretches where I carried the Baby, but she mostly ran like the little hyper-competitive, terrified of being left behind third child that we love.

When we finished up our training trot, the Boy got an invitation to go to his friend, S's house and play with weapons in the creek with S and his two brothers.  The Boy's other choice was to go to a fall festival and paint pumpkins with the girls and me.  Which do you think he picked???  No contest!  With the boy packed off to S's house, the girls and I went to the Glennwood Elementary School Fall Festival.      It's a fundraiser for the school and there are games and activity booths, a haunted house, and a bouncy slide.  So, it's sort of the whole pumpkin patch/corn maze extravaganza, but writ small.

All the classes made scarecrows and they were sold in a silent auction.  Here are the girls with the Pete the Cat scarecrow.  I include this picture mostly so that you can see the girls' shirts.  Remember the lovely fabric paint debacle on Saturday?  Oh yes, the girls are wearing the shirts that they painted.  Now, the Girl's shirt is actually fine.  It looks like she did it herself, but it's cute.  But the Baby.  The Baby is not only wearing that *ahem* lovely shirt that she scribbled drew herself, but she has paired it with an aqua much too small hand-me-down skort and some purple Keens.  And, she didn't let me even brush her hair.  And, we all just ran three miles.  I have to explain all this because it makes what happens next so much more hilarious.

The Baby wanted to paint a pumpkin and so we sidled up to the pumpkin painting table and the Baby got to work.  After a minute this adorable little girl comes up and takes the spot next to the Baby.  The other girl was dressed for the festival in a cute monogrammed shirt with a pumpkin on it, black and white checked ruffled pants, and little white sandal sneakers.   She had her hair in two pony tails tied with orange ribbons.  After a minute of painting, the Mom of adorable, well-dressed little girl realizes that the Baby and her daughter are in the same class at school.  Lord.  

I've heard about the girl, but haven't met the parents or the girl.  What the Baby has told me about the girl is this: "she always wears dresses and she's cuter than me because she has rosier cheeks than me."  Poor Baby.  While the parents were distracted, I whispered to the Girl that this was the Baby's rosy-cheeked classmate.  The Girl, bless her heart, whispered back that she didn't think her cheeks were that rosy.  I had to agree, although she had a pumpkin painted on one of them so it was hard to tell.  

I complimented the mom on the girl's outfit, which was really very adorable, and the poor mother, looking to offer something in return said, "did you make your own shirts?" to my girls.  Dang it!  If I'd just bought an applique machine instead of freakin' fabric paint and markers we wouldn't be in this situation!  I babbled for a good five minutes about our shirt painting project like it was something worth talking about and not something that we'd all be better off forgetting ever happened.  Let me just say that they were lovely and I hope the Baby gets over her rosy-cheek prejudice and they become friends.

Here is a picture of the Baby's finished pumpkin:

Most of the paint flaked off onto our kitchen counter by yesterday evening, so it's now on the porch where the whole neighborhood can enjoy it.  You're welcome!

After we left the fall festival we went to the Baby's soccer game, which was great fun, as always.  She was a little less peppy than usual, but that's not too surprising considering the morning training run.  After the Baby's soccer game, the girls and I went home and took a break before heading to the Boy's baseball game.  I KNOW!  Luckily for me, the Baby was invited for dinner with Sidekick H, so it was just the Girl and me.     

S is on the Boy's team and I found out something very interesting.  When I dropped off the Boy with S to engage in guerilla warfare in S's yard, I gave S's mom the Boy's baseball uniform so he could get ready for the game at their house.  S's mom told me that the Boy put it on by himself.  The entire uniform.  Including the dreaded belt.  The Boy has never demonstrated that kind of self-reliance when I'm around.  Hmmmm.  The Boy played "lights out" as the K likes to say with a bunch of hits and RBIs and other things that sound good even if I don't know exactly what they mean.  After a yummy dinner picked up from Farm Burger we all collapsed in a pile on the floor after our busy day.  

Happy Monday, everyone! 

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