Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Good, the Bad, and the Scary!

So, I was "inspired" by Amanda over at Dixie Delights to do a different Halloween thing every day for the entire month of October.  It's actually been a lot of fun and a bit of a challenge on some of the days when we are busy with late practices and activities.  A couple of days I gave them some Halloween napkins with their dinner and called it good.  I think that we made up for it today with Halloween pancakes, a Halloween wreath project, and a Halloween t-shirt decorating project.  The results ran the gamut from wildly successful to terrifying, but not in the intended way.

I cook virtually every meal that we eat at home.  I'm not saying that I'm a gourmet cook and our dinners sometimes do consist of a rotisserie chicken, canned lima beans and corn, and some noodles.  The one major exception to this rule is pancakes.  The K is an exceptional pancake maker and I am more than happy to relinquish the spatula to him.  Last year Mom gave us some Halloween pancake molds from Williams-Sonoma.  I tried and failed to use them properly last year.  Apparently, the trick is to spray the molds with cooking spray before you pour the batter so the pancakes will come out more easily.  Also, the K poured the batter into a measuring cup so that he could fill the molds.

There is a cat, bat, ghost, and pumpkin.  The Boy doesn't eat pancakes, so he opted for cinnamon toast, but the girls like their pancakes and eat them with powdered sugar.  The Baby has the pink plate and although it looks a bit like the state of Maine on its side, it's actually a ghost.  The Girl has the pumpkin on her purple plate.

After breakfast we had a mid-morning soccer game for the Girl who played a team of Amazonian warrior queens who looked like they ate off a different food chain than our girls.  We stopped by Tarjay to pick up the Girl's favorite granola bars and some other sundry supplies.  Of course we dropped three bills because it's Tarjay and there are expensive bargains to be had!  

On to the afternoon's Halloween art projects.  I picked up some fabric markers at Michael's a few weeks ago and hadn't had a chance to use them yet.  I saw this cute idea on Our Fifth House blog where she used fabric markers to embellish shirts for her kids.  Well, y'all the road to hell is paved with cute ideas.  Here we go.

The Girl's shirt was black and as she attempted to draw a pumpkin on the shirt, I scanned the fabric marker packaging: "works best on light colored fabric."  Whoops!  She moved to plan B which was some fabric paint I had lying around from when the Girl needed a duckling costume for the talent show two years ago.   Here are the final results:

The Baby and our next door neighbor opted for fabric markers and made these lovely creations:

The Boy was upset with the way his tombstone turned out, so he abandoned the project to the Girl and me and I'm not sure we improved the result.

The ghost looks like its wearing those sunglasses you wear after cataract surgery.  I thought we'd go back and embellish the gravestones after the paint dries.  He'll still never wear it.  Good-bye $8 shirt from Tarjay!  

I don't want to end our day of crafting on a low note, so here is the success of the afternoon!  I bought a willow wreath from the $1 area at Tarjay.  It was actually $2.50, but I was feeling flush, so I sprung for it.

I had some spooky garland that had unravelled since we used it to decorate at the Girl's fifth birthday party nearly four years ago, but I held on to it because I am a hoarder at heart.  I decided that I would wrap the garland around the wreath.  Don't be worried by the glue gun, I never used it on the wreath, just tucked the end under when I finished.  

It worked!  I remembered that I had some houndstooth ribbon from last year when I had a mild obsession with houndstooth, unexplainable for someone who didn't attend the University of Alabama.  The Girl and I watched a bow-tying tutorial on YouTube and voila!  

Working on my fancy photography skills, here is another shot of that bow.

Y'all that actually looks like something you might *gasp* buy!  This is surely my most successful art project ever.  The fabric paint debacle is more the way we roll around here.  So, I hope you enjoyed the good (pancakes and wreath), the bad (sadly, the t-shirts, although we did have fun...mostly), and the ugly (oh, I forgot the ugly)!  The ugly was that while we were getting set up to do the fabric painting the Baby and her sidekick got all of the Boy's bowling pins and made a trail of them, a la Hansel and Gretel down the stairs and all over the hallway.  Yay!  Here's the picture of the remnants of that project:

Happy Saturday!

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