Sunday, October 21, 2012

Out and About!

After our day of crafts, the K and I were lucky enough to be invited to our friends' annual oyster roast.  I was looking forward to the party, but I was really looking forward to someone else putting the kiddos to bed.  Our hosts purchased the oysters in land-locked Atlanta from Your DeKalb Farmer's Market.  If you're ever in the Decatur area, it should be on your must-visit list.  We always take out of town guests there and the kids enjoy watching the live fish swimming around in tanks in the seafood section.  I promise you will see vegetables that you never knew existed.

But, I digress.  The oyster shucking was set up at a long table with all the fixings available.

If you've read my last two entries, y'all know that I lifted the above picture from a Southern Living article on how to host an oyster roast.  No way I could take that picture!  Now, I have to confess that I didn't eat any of the oysters.  I had an allergic reaction to shrimp in a gumbo I ate in northern Mississippi about six years ago and have been a little wary of shellfish since then.  I know, I know, allergy issues aside, it's probably best to avoid northern Mississippi gumbo.  But, I heard from a reliable source (the K) that the oysters served last night were great.

That was okay, because I saved my appetite for the delish brisket that another one of our talented neighbors brought to the party.  There were also some ribs courtesy of Fox Bros. BBQ, another place to check out if you're ever in the area.  I just received a tip that they sell a whole smoked turkey for Thanksgiving and I am all over that.

So, the food was amazing and I have to mention the decor.  M's house is flat out gorgeous.  It's like something out of a magazine and I hope you'll be able to see some pictures of her home soon (more on this later).  She and our other host (also M, so we'll go with MM) started everyone outside, which worked perfectly because the weather was pleasantly cool and all the girls got a chance to break out boots and sweaters.  Luckily for me K (as opposed to the K) brought her camera and she took some pictures before it got too dark.  She was nice enough to send me one to share:

It's hard to make out in K's picture, but M covered the table in burlap and had little pumpkins and candles for decoration.  M was also sent me a picture that she took before the guests arrived and dripped cocktail sauce and BBQ juice all over the table:

Isn't it cute?  I love the idea of a burlap tablecloth because it's inexpensive and is a fun texture and pumpkins are such a great seasonal decoration.  I saved some of mine from the carving knife last Halloween, hollowed them out and used them as planters on the Thanksgiving table.  The picture below is purely inspirational/aspirational and I can confirm that the one I made last year was not nearly as nice.  In my defense I was hemmed into an arrangement of mostly mums since the K purchased the flowers at Publix on Thanksgiving day.  I will plan ahead this year and pick up some more exciting options.  I hope that if the table is cute enough people won't realize that I'm serving them a warmed up smoked turkey from Fox Bros.'s!

So, last night with some beer in my belly, my inhibitions were lowered and I came a blogger!  I confessed to my friends, "My name is Susannah and I am a blogger.  I have been blogging for two days."  The reason I was reluctant to trumpet my new hobby is because having a blog is sort of presumptuous.  I am presuming that I have things to say that other people will find interesting, informative, humorous, or all of the above.

A funny thing happened, though.  Instead of my friends looking at me like I was crazy, they were all really supportive and interested.  They all wanted to read my blog and M has even decided to join me in the blogosphere.  I left with a warm feeling that I don't think was entirely attributable to the beer (oh, okay, and the wine).  Possibly the best news of all was that when we got home the kids were all asleep and I hadn't had to lift a finger to get them all to bed.  Happy Day!  See you tomorrow with pictures and commentary from our action-packed Sunday.    

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