Tuesday, May 7, 2013

At a Quad Junction (Formerly Known as a "Crossroads")

Yesterday, the Boy and I had the following conversation:

Boy: Mom, I want to have two world records.
Me: Mmm, okay.
Boy: First, I want to be the first Lebanese President of the United States.
Me: Okay, that's good. What's the second record?
Boy: I want to make a law to rename how roads come together. If two roads come together it's a double junction. If three roads come together it's a triple junction. If four roads come together it's a quad junction.
Me: You don't really have to pass a law to do that. You just have to get people to start using those names. Basically, you need a Twitter account and lots of followers.

I'm happy with those goals, especially considering his recent ambitions included being a supermarket bagger. I hope that it doesn't make me too much of a helicopter mom to admit that I had slightly higher aspirations for him than bagging groceries. I know I'm a snob. As for being the first "Lebanese" President, I didn't tell him that Thomas Jefferson beat him by nearly 300 years.

Hints for the Day

1. If your four-year-old daughter has been very quiet for 15 minutes, assume that something like this is going on:

2. If she's been quiet for half an hour, assume that something like this is going on:

I think they may be waiting for the Baby to model
different outfits.
3. When you are illustrating a statement, make sure that the spirit of the picture matches the that of the statement:

I show empathy and caring when I help others...

by eating their livers with fava beans and a nice chianti.
Have a great day!

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