Friday, May 17, 2013

Sound Advice

The Internets were buzzing this week about the story of the Swedish man who died from multiple bee stings after trying to have sex with a wasps nest. Only, then it turned out not to be true. My faith in the human race was momentarily restored and then I saw this:

That's a grown man who got stuck in a highchair at a McDonald's in Ireland and had to be freed by the police. You'll be shocked to learn that alcohol had a role in the incident. Apparently, he sat in the highchair, then consumed a McCwrap and was unable to extricate himself from the seat. (I just made that up.)

Also this week, a plane heading from Los Angeles to New York made an emergency landing in Kansas City because a passenger refused to stop singing Whitney Houston songs. The lady was removed from a plane while loudly singing, "I will always love you," the Dolly Parton song made famous by Whitney Houston.

The woman blamed her diabetes for her actions.

That Irish guy is saying, "Damn! Diabetes! Wish I'd thought of that one."

Tip: If you do something stupid, blame diabetes. 

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