Monday, January 21, 2013

Presidential Frivolity

I did my best to get the children excited about watching the inauguration today. We made patriotic pretzel sticks:

and red, white, and blue mocktails:

but the Boy probably summed up their views on the event best when he suggested that the inauguration would be more interesting if there was a comedian. I have to agree that some of the poetry went on a mite long for my taste, but then I'm not cultured enough to appreciate poetry. Interestingly, the Poet Laureate of the United States lives about a block away from me. She is lovely and buys shoes from Zappos (I know this because there was an empty box in her recycling last week). I have this fantasy that someday there will be a Blogger Laureate of the United States. Of course it would be someone like Glennon from Momastery, but maybe I could work in the coat room at her coronation or something.

I can't really fault the children too much for not being into the ceremony because my neighbor Emily came over while we had the inauguration on and we spent about 20 minutes debating whether Michelle had a weave or not. I said that her hair is real and Emily said that all famous people have weaves. She might be right because the guy who cuts my hair once styled Jenna Bush Hager's hair when she was in Atlanta for some event. I tried to get him to spill some dirt, but the only thing he said was that she had all her own hair. For what it's worth, Emily and I agreed that Beyonce definitely has a weave...and a beautiful voice.

Sister lives in Washington, D.C. and had an Inauguration party at her apartment back in 2009. Here is a picture of Sister with her friend, Naomi and President Obama:

Oh, okay it's a cardboard cutout of the president. Just to clarify, because I've been asked before, Sister is the not-Japanese one. Sister and Naomi have been friends since high school and one time I was sitting in class and happened to look out the window when the two of them were walking by. "That's my sister," I commented to the girl sitting next to me. "Which one?" she asked, which was either very enlightened or very stupid since Sister and I are pretty obviously white and Naomi is pretty clearly Asian.

So, this is my favorite picture from the inauguration:

Malia photobombing 
It's a little hard to tell from this angle, but Sasha was trying to snap a picture of her parents with her phone and Malia did what big sisters are supposed to do which is to screw with their younger siblings. Go Malia!

Second favorite picture from the inauguration:

Bill Clinton photobombing
Are you seeing a trend? I think President Clinton's photobomb was inadvertent. He was just checking to see if Kelly Clarkson was wearing a black beret. *Rimshot*

This is my third favorite picture:

Just how much time do Senator and Mrs. Boehner spend tanning? That's him in the blue tie. No, that's Obama, he's actually black. Boehner is behind Michelle and Mrs. Boehner (whose name is actually Deborah Gunlack) is the lady with the bright red lipstick. Maybe they just had a nice trip to the Caribbean, or perhaps they spent some time in a rotisserie chicken cooker. Either way, they are golden brown and a little crunchy-looking.

Speaking of Boehner, here is the Michelle eye-rolling gif:

Maybe he said, "I promise, Michelle. Deborah and me? This is our natural skin tone!" Michelle's all, "yeahright."

Enjoy the four day week!


  1. Good lord, the Boehmers are orange! That's just silly.
    Looking at pics, I was shicked at Jill Biden. She looks like she's aged a ton, but living with Joe could do that to anyone.
    MO wore a great dress to the ball. I think her shoulders look great, definitely not "football player" shoulders. JB's dress was unfortunate. And her hair. She needs to get MO's weave specialists number.aybe the could go to Shhhh, it's a wig?
    Great post! The eye roll and comment are awesome.

    1. Jill's got the problem of having hair that's too young for her face. If she changed her hair, I bet she'd look younger.

  2. Glad to see you're finally using the Urban Dictionary. Love the photo of Clinton! Where was Hillary? I thought she kept him on a shorter leash. I was at both of Clinton's inaugurations. I even scored a ticket to the Arkansas ball. I will always associate Fleetwood Mac's "Don't Stop" with the Clintons. This is all making me feel wistful about my youth.

    I'm not sure about Michelle's hair, but she was definitely sporting some fake eyelashes, which I thought was pretty moxy. James Taylor sounded pretty darn good for a 64-year-old. Enough said.

    1. I think Hillary was on the other side of Bill. I know she was there. Cool about the inaugural ball! There were only two this year, I think. I guess they're trying to pinch pennies.

      All the googling I did seemed to support that Michelle's hair is real...realer than Beyonce's singing, for sures!