Friday, March 29, 2013

Funny Friday

This has been a big week for everyone on Facebook who had to figure out how to change their profile pictures to show their support for or opposition of gay marriage. First there was the regular equal sign:

Now we have all these different iterations...

like Marcy and Peppermint Patty:

 and The Lion King:

and pancakes:

and the "Ain't Nobody Got Time for That" lady:

If you've never seen the "ain't nobody got time for that" video, check it here. I seriously hope that woman gets some sort of compensation for being an Internet sensation.

I kind of feel like the opponents of gay marriage have lost the battle of the symbols. All they have is this:

and I'm pretty sure that Switzerland is going to send them a cease and desist letter pretty soon.

In a polarizing debate it's nice to see one side off the other an olive branch. Especially when that olive branch is actually a delicious chicken sandwich. A Chick-fil-A in California offered free meals to a group of gay marriage supporters who were demonstrating close to the restaurant. The franchisee handed out free meal vouchers to the group and was quoted as saying, "We serve anyone...Chick-fil-A has never been about hate." Except of course for the Chick-fil-A cows who are constantly trying to incite chicken genocide with that "Eat Mor Chikin" business.

It was actually a pretty big week in gay news, as Jenna Wolfe, the weekend news reader on the Today show, came out as a gay, pregnant American. I'm sure that everyone at Today was thrilled because it provided a two second distraction from the fact that the show is basically imploding. As you may know, we all hate Matt Lauer because we hold him responsible for getting Ann Curry fired as co-anchor.

Now we love Ann because she cried when she said good-bye and we have forgotten how she made us cringe and squirm when she was all awkward and weird and exactly the way I would be if I got four hours of sleep and was forced to make polite small talk with Octomom. Since getting rid of Ann didn't help the Today ratings, NBC representatives have supposedly reached out to Anderson Cooper to see if he would be interested in taking Matt's place. Between Jenna and Anderson, NBC seems to be banking on the gays to save the Today show. Gawker has a great post about the turmoil at the Today show including gossip not even I had heard (Natalie Morales and Matt had an affair? Her son looks just like him?). If Today just aired all their dirty laundry, instead of pretending to deliver the news maybe people would actually watch.

I'm pretty sure I know where Gawker came up with that graphic of the Today show burning:

Rita Ora
She must be a terrible liar what with her entire outfit being on fire and not just her pants. Because I'm old, I don't know that much about Rita Ora except that she's British and she and poor Rob Kardashian had a terrible break up which they tastefully played out on Twitter so that we are all privy to the details. Here's my thought on Rob Kardashian (and I literally have one thought): he reminds me of this study that found that rats with lots of sisters are less attractive to potential mates than rats with an even number of brothers and sisters or more brothers than sisters. Rob Kardashian has three sisters and two half sisters. Hence, "poor Rob Kardashian."

This makes me glad that we didn't have any more girl children because the Boy is going to need all the help he can get. For instance, they started talking about good touch-bad touch at school and here's what he told me.

Boy: Ms. Perry told us there are five types of bad touches: hitting, pinching, slapping, spanking, and kicking. But then I reminded her that there is another bad touch which is pushing someone from a very high structure.
Me: You are right, that would be a bad touch. Is that all you talked about?
Boy: Yeah. Oh, also she said that hugging can be a good touch, but I said if you hug someone too tight then it can be a bad touch.
Me: Did you talk about anything else?
Boy: No.

He's right, though. Here's an example:

Have a good weekend!


  1. Do you think PP and Lucy are gay? Not that there is anything wrong with that!

    I for one am glad they canned Ann Curry. There I said it. I was rooting for RU alum Natalie Morales, but Savannah is OK with me.

    Happy Easter. Watch out for that bunny!

    1. I'm not sure about Peppermint Patty and Marcy. PP seemed to have a crush on Charlie Brown, but Marcy was pretty obsessed with PP. Also she called her, "sir," which has a certain work boots and U-haul kind of vibe. I'm totally okay with all of it. I just hope that some day Charlie Brown got some anti-depressants and got to kick a football without having it pulled away at the last minute.

      I'm with you on Ann. I wanted to like her because she seems like a nice person, but that's not really the most important attribute in that job. She just had no polish as an anchor. I was always afraid she'd mess up and do something embarrassing. That's not why you watch morning news. I'm not sure Natalie the best choice, either, although I think she's super smart. Frankly, I like Jenna Wolfe. I think she's got the quickest wit of any of them.

  2. So true! So many creative equal signs rolling through.

    Had to laugh at modern seinfelds take on it:
    @SeinfeldToday: Elaine refuses to change her profile photo to support gay rights, because she finally likes her pic. Her bf dumps her for being a "bigot."

    1. I love that! I hadn't seen @SeinfeldToday before and now I'm obsessed. Glad the weather worked out for you today! :)