Sunday, March 24, 2013

Malfunctioning Wardrobe

If it hadn't rained this weekend, we would have participated in or watched a race, four soccer games, and a baseball game. Instead, we mostly stayed home and I spent waaaay too much money at Target on Saturday, and ordering items online to freshen up my summer wardrobe on Sunday. So, basically Mother Nature is responsible for my overspending. It better stop raining or I'll be wearing my cute clothes in a box on the street. Am I the only one who thinks that online shopping is the perfect rainy day activity? It sure beats the hell out of running, I can promise you that.

The only sport-related activity that we had scheduled for Saturday that wasn't cancelled was the Tour deCatur, which is a 5K and 1-mile fun run benefiting The Decatur Education Foundation. When we woke up on Saturday morning it was pouring rain, with some thunder and lightning thrown in for good measure. The Boy was signed up to run the 1 mile with the K, but after assessing the weather situation he wanted out. The Girl was still enthusiastic about running the 5K with me and who am I to deny a child's dreams because of a slight risk of electrocution? Here we are before the race:

Since the picture is only of our tops, you can't see that I'm wearing my Lululemon capri leggings, despite the fact that they might be see-through. I figured that there wouldn't be that many people behind us so it really didn't matter. Here we are after the race:

Soaking wet doesn't really show up well in blurry iPhone selfies, but trust me when I say we were drenched. I don't think I've ever been fully dressed, with water running down my legs since, well, since the great Fanstasmic wash-out of February, 2013.

When we got home and cleaned up, I decide to go over to our newly expanded Target to do some scouting for the Easter Bunny. But then, the Girl decided that she needed to go look for some new flip-flops and I ended up going to Target with no agenda. Bad move. We ended up with a random assortment of items, including eggs and two Paas egg-dying kits because I couldn't choose, three boxes of LUNA Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein bars (our new favorite), Pac-Man band-aids, two pairs of leggings and t-shirts for the Baby who has ripped the knees out of all of her pants, and some sports shorts and t-shirts for the Baby and the Girl because the Baby wore these shorts to soccer last week:

They were the Boy's shorts from the last time he played soccer and they're a mite big. By the time she started running around the were almost hanging down to her ankles and in danger of tripping her. So, I got her this outfit:

I know it's hard to see the shorts, as she is posing with one of her lovely Easter egg creations, so here's a picture from the Target website:

To me, they're just running short-length and she's four years old, for goodness sake, but the K was scandalized by these shorts. "Well," he harrumphed, "she can wear them when she works at Hooters." Poor the K. With two girls, I fear that he has many years of pearl-clutching before him.

The best thing about the new and improved Tarjay is that it has a Starbucks! Yay! I was super happy to get a coffee since I had skipped my morning coffee(s) because of the run. The Girl and I waited in line behind a colorful customer named James, who had very specific instruction on how to make his drink. James said, "Um, I would like a grande java chip with whipped cream and you need to make the drink  thick. It has to have that texture? That thickness? Y'all have to make it so thick that I can feel it going down my throat." Well, then! I ordered my plain coffee (in a cup? hot?) and a cake pop for the Girl and we proceeded to wait and wait and wait for the order. It took so long that the nice lady who worked there gave me a coupon for a free drink. Luckily, while the barista tried to find the time to pour my coffee, I was able to check out the Starbucks nutrition guide and learn that James's java chip drink contained a cool 500 calories. No wonder he wanted it to be so thick that he could chew it. It was his lunch.

When we got home, I boiled up the eggs and we had an egg dying party with the Boy's friend, Sam.

Let's see who can dye his eggs the fastest.
On your marks, get set...


Yay, eggs!

I just included this picture because you can see the
Boy doing a flip on the couch behind the Baby.
While we had our egg-stravaganza, the K went to Costco and bought a new printer because ours has been broken for about a month. I would like to act like this has been a major inconvenience, but we've really managed pretty well without a printer. Then the K went crazy and has spent the last two days scanning all of our records and shredding the hard copies. Thank goodness garbage gets picked up tomorrow.

So, while he was being productive today, I sat on the computer ordering clothes. I justified it because they were all on sale, but a deal still costs money, regardless. Do you all read any fashion blogs? I don't,  but I went out for coffee with Maureen from blue mopheads  and she follows this blog, Pink Peonies. The blogger, Rach posts pictures of herself in various outfits and then gives you the sources for all of her attire. Here's an example:

and then she'll have the sources:

She has over 6500 Google Friends. Gah. I mean, she has great style and I suppose she's providing some fashion advice, but it seems too easy. Surely, I could do this, as well, right?

Top: Boden (at least 7 years old), Tank: Gap (at least 6 years old),
Belt: (Lands End Canvas), Jeans: Lucky (4 years old, ripping at left knee),
Sock: Target (holes in bottom), Watch: (Timex for Target),
Necklace: Stella & Dot (the only thing I have in common with Rach).
 Hmmm. Perhaps doing some shopping today wasn't such a bad idea!


  1. Thanks for the shout out. So, where did you do your shopping? I've been trying to use up a $250 Boden credit, but I'm not loving the spring line.

    1. I got a few things at Boden - a denim shirt, tank top, linen shirt. I also got some staples at J. Crew - some new tanks and t-shirts, and then some fun things from J.Crew Factory and a dress from Garnet HIll that will probably be too short. You can always wait until next season to use the Boden credit. Maybe they'll tone down the 60s vibe.