Friday, April 5, 2013

Funny Friday

Okay, I would like to confirm that my snake post on Monday was an April Fool's Day joke. My apologies to Dad, the K, and all my neighbors who (at least briefly) thought that we were infested with copperheads. I hope everyone realized it was a joke before Petsmart had a run on mongooses (yes, that is the plural form of mongoose).

Mongoose posse.
Poor the K. I have been playing April Fool's Day jokes on him for almost 15 years, and this was my most successful one since the tiger joke of 2000. We were living in Birmingham, and I told him that I had been walking past Mountain Brook Village when there was some major commotion because a tiger had escaped from the Birmingham Zoo and was marauding around the Western Supermarket parking lot, terrifying the shoppers. He.Totally.Bought.It. This story is funnier if you've been to Mountain Brook Village, which is very fancy...think Princeton or maybe Short Hills Mall, if you're from New Jersey. I kept embellishing the story more and more, describing the people crouched behind the dumpster, hiding from the tiger and animal control officials trying to shoot the tiger with tranquilizer darts. Finally, when I told him that the tiger seemed to be concentrating its attack on the Alabama fans, he figured out that it was a joke.

Get it? Auburn's mascot is a tiger, so of course the tiger
would go after the Alabama fans. 

Speaking of pranks, I check out this video from Improv Everywhere:

It's too rare to find videos that are funny and clever and don't involve a blow to the crotch. This also reminds me of a conversation I had with the Boy the other day:

Me: When I was little, I wished that I were a twin.
Boy: Duh, you are a twin.
Me: I am?
Boy: Aunt [Sister] is your twin.
Me: Hmmm. No.
Boy: Are you sure?
Me: Very.

I had to text Sister about this:

Speaking of the Boy, the first graders at his school have to research an American hero and deliver a monologue about the person's accomplishments. The teachers film the kids wearing costumes and reading their monologues and in a couple of weeks there's a showcase where they show the film to the parents. Someone typed up the Boy's monologue, leaving sentence fragments and racial insensitive portions intact:

I promise that we have not been watching Song of the South here. The good news is that I've seen him deliver his monologue and he doesn't annunciate very clearly. Maybe he'll be so hard to understand that no one will realize that he's being a slavery apologist. Moving on, did you all know that Clark shot Lewis? Sure, a bear. I think we've all heard that one before.

Are you all looking for something to do tomorrow? Well, did you know it was International Pillow Fight Day? Because Atlanta is super cool, we actually have two pillow-fight-flash-mob events going on. One is in Freedom Park and the other is on Spring Street. The Freedom Park one appears to be family friendly. The Spring Street one is actually billed as a Pajama Jam and the promo picture features four girls collectively wearing two pairs of pajamas. So, not as family friendly would be my guess.

Speaking of Freedom Park, a friend of mine was playing there with her son when a couple of slightly ominous looking guys pulled up in separate cars. They nodded at each other and then each guy got out of his car, popped his trunk open, and started rooted around in the back of the car. My friend got a little freaked out and thought about leaving. The next thing she knew, both of the guys pulled out gigantic signs, shut their trunks, and started to practice sign spinning techniques together. You know what I'm talking about, right? Sign spinners are the new sandwich board guys.

Usually the signs say, 'We Buy Gold' or '$5 pizza!' and usually you can
see the sign spinner holding his phone and texting behind the sign.

 Finally, I found this cool game via Pinterest.

Warning: I believe you could waste many, many hours trying to stump Akinator. Basically, you think of a person, real or fictional, and Akinator can guess who it is. When I played he correctly guessed Rory Gilmore, Trixie Belden, and August Pullman. I'm convinced!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Whoa that game... It just correctly guessed Coco Chanel, James Dyson, and Baby Jessica! I'm a little frightened tbh!!

    1. I know it's insane! He did miss Wooderson from Dazed & Confused, but I'll let it pass because its other guesses were spot on.