Sunday, April 7, 2013

Weekend By the Numbers

1090 - Calories in the Taco Mac kids corn puppies consumed by the Boy on Friday night. 

0 - Actual puppies in the Taco Mac kids corn puppies (probably).

3 - Stuffed animals the Boy won playing the claw grab-it game at Taco Mac.

9 - Dollars spent on the claw grab-it game before "winning" the stuffed animals.

7 - The probable age of the child laborer who made the stuffed animals.

19 - Hours before one of the stuffed animals needed to have its stitched nose surgically replaced by a button.

9 - Hours of I slept on Friday night.

8.75 - Hours per night that a world class athlete sleeps.

23 - Hours per week that a world class athlete trains.

6 - Hours per week that I drag my tired ass out of bed to jump around our family room while Jillian or Jackie or Amy yells at me so that I can continue to stuff myself with Nutella each day.

2 - Cars washed on Saturday morning.

40 - Dollars saved by washing the cars ourselves.

47 - Rags used to wash and dry the cars.

5000 - The approximate gallons of water used to wash the cars.

2 - Extra loads of wash generated by washing the cars.

0 - Dollar net gain when you consider the cost of the energy and water used in washing the cars ourselves.

4 - Michigan fans in full regalia almost hit by a truck while jaywalking in Decatur on Saturday afternoon.

3 - Street acts at Decatur's Sidewalk Saturday.

12 - Times the Boy said, "can we leave?" while we watched the drummers at Sidewalk Saturday.

1 - Hour spent playing at the park after we got tired of the Boy's complaining.

8 - Times the Boy said, "can we leave?" while we were at the park.

2 - Dollars spent on a bottle of ketchup at the sketchy convenience store near Cakes & Ale for the Boy to put on his fried chicken tacos at Taqueria del Sol.

1 - Beer consumed by me at Taqueria de Sol.

420 - As in Sweetwater 420.

5.4 - Percent of alcohol in a Sweetwater 420.

1 - Number of beers I can drink and still drive. Next step down: Wine coolers. Next step after that: Tablespoon of vanilla extract.

Tom Hanks as Meredith Baxter Birney's alcoholic brother on Family Ties. 

72 - Points scored by Louisville to beat Wichita State in the first Final Four game.

61 - Points scored by Michigan to beat Syracuse in the second Final Four game.

7 - Number of times the K asked, "that kid's in college???" while we watched the games.

1691 - The pollen count on Sunday in Atlanta.

12 - Gallons of eye drops used by the Girl because of her allergies.

5 - Episodes of Fetch! With Ruff Ruffman viewed on Sunday morning.

27 - Approximate number of snacks I fetched for children over the weekend.

38 - Approximate number of drinks I fetched for the children.

4 - Boxes of YoKids Stonyfield Squeezers consumed in two days.

Please sponsor my blog. I will gladly accept payment in Yokids Squeezers.

2 - Hours spent turning the jump rope for the Baby while she jumped.

9 - The Baby's record for consecutive jumps.

3 - Hours wasted playing Akinator with the Baby.

5 - Number of times Akinator correctly guessed that we were thinking of Doc McStuffins.

1.5 - Hours of soccer played by the Girl on Sunday afternoon.

3 - Hours of recovery needed from playing soccer.

7 - Times my ears bled while overhearing the Girl and the Baby watching Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel. 

5 - Times I shouted, "it's time for bed," before anyone responded.

4 - Times the Boy tackled one of his sisters during the Tea Party Game.

0 - Mentions of the word "tackle" in the rules to the Tea Party Game.

4 - Eye injuries over the last three days.

5 - Times the Baby said, "I love you too much, Mommy. I never let you leave me," when I was trying to put her to bed.

4 - Times I fell for it.

45 - Minutes spent cleaning up the house after putting the children to bed.

3 - Level of current cleanliness of house on a 10-point scale, even after spending 45 minutes cleaning.

168 - Hours remaining of Spring Break.


  1. I love it! It's like you have an abacus for a brain. ;-) We will make it through... and then it's just 6 weeks til summer... oh, wait.... AAAGGGGHHH!!!

    1. An abacus is probably right...nothing as high-tech as a calculator or computer! We're almost at the half-way point!

  2. All of that sounds vaguely familiar, especially Taco Mac -- my kids favorite restaurant. I usually wait a few weeks before I throw the stuffed animals in the trash while they are at school. Jeff took jmb to final four craziness so it wasn't too bad with just one child. I agree with the K. Some of those cheer leadres looked like they were 12. Off to DC for some sightseeing and bonding with my less than functional family. Wish me luck.

    1. I think the K was talking about some of the bearded players (in that they had beards, not that they are beards in the urban dictionary definition). The food at Taco Mac isn't my fave, but I love that the kids will play games and the place is so loud that no one can hear a crying baby. Have fun in DC!